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Other spaces

In addition to accommodation facilities, saunas and meeting and party facilities, Ilola also has barbecue huts and other facilities for rent. Some of the farms are located right in the yard of Ilola farm, some are a little further away.

Reservations and inquiries by phone 0405968027

Grill huts

Grill house
At the barbecue hut in the yard, you can put your food comfortably by the fire, rain or shine. 

Rent €25 / 2 hours
Full day (8 hours) €70

In a wooded cabin, about 500 meters from the main farm, you cook in your own peace. There is enough space in this house for a larger group. 

Rent €40 / 2 hours. 
Full day (8 hours) €70

The prices include lighting needs for both huts.

Metsäkansa's barn

Metsäkansa's barn is available for rent during the summer. The barn is located across from Ilola Old Station. 

Another space for rent can be found at the Pietola manor, whose barn can be arranged, for example, for summer parties or birthdays.

There is no heating in the barns. 

Metsäkansan Helmi manesi

Maneesi is available for rent not only for riding, but also for many other purposes.
Well-grounded, bright manes (44x24m). No heating.

Equestrians can use equipment for show jumping, equestrian archery, boards, etc. 
Ask more!

From €30 / hour

Other facilities and packages

Remote working spaces 

You can find peace of mind to work for a day or overnight in remote workspaces.

If necessary, you can also find facilities for longer business trip accommodation, as well asmeeting and party facilities.


Call, and we will reserve the premises for you according to your needs! 

Day meeting packagesfrom €40/person, accommodation and smoke sauna packages can also be arranged. Overnight meetings from 125 e

Business trip accommodation

Single room from €950/month

Double room from €1200/month

The price includes bed linen and towels, accommodation between Mon-Fri.

Single accommodation Daily prices 1 hh from €50/day, 2 hh from €60/day.

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