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Horses are an essential part of Ilola.

The farm has Finnish horses, ponies and other horses.


Horse riding in Ilola


Riding prices: 

Group lesson €35

(small groups, 3-4 people at a time, group lessons mainly in Finnish)

Private lesson €60

Private couples session 90 e (45 €/person)

Half-hour lesson €28

Ten-time-ticket for regular riders €310

(valid for 4 months from the moment of purchase).

Horse camp days €90

Riding archery lessons from €45

(you can find a more detailed prices and information FROM HERE)

Indoor arena rental from 30 e/h

Prices valid until November 22

The payment can be made on the spot with cash or a payment card, including sports/culture cards, or with mobilepay on 0405968027

The farm has  Finnish horses, thoroughbreds and warmbloods and ponies.


You can find event-specific events/courses/stable competitions and camps from our Facebook pages.


Responsible for horse/riding activities

Professionals Mervi Ilola (entrepreneur, riding and para-riding instructor), and  Salla Ollikka  and Justiina, take the main responsibility of the horses and their wellbeing. Also visiting guest trainers visit occasionally. 


Riding lessons can be booked for morning and evening rides every day.

Through us, e.g riding therapist services. 

In accordance with SRL's recommendations:

Weight limit recommendation 85 kg

We recommend a Green Card or club membership for regular riders, i.e. riders who come more than 3 times/month.

 Reservations and cancellations 0405968027 or

If you can't reach us by phone, leave a message! 

Contact via e-mail or message, preferably via WhatsApp.

There is a lighted field (27 x 67 m) with obstacle/school fence equipment and plenty of off-road trails. In addition, next to the court there is a bright, beautiful wood-clad indoor arena (approx. 44x24) with a sand/rubber grit bottom.


In addition to obstacle, school and cross-country lessons, we organize horse riding on request. Horse archery lessons and courses also available.

The stable also has a back-up ramp, which is also suitable for wheelchair customers. (At the moment, the ramp is out of service and undergoing maintenance)

If the potential assistant is not involved in the special and therapy classes, the matter must be agreed in advance.

If necessary, helmets and safety vests are available in the stable.

Ilola's stable is approved and supervised by the Finnish Equestrian Association, and built in accordance with future EU standards.

Indoor arena available for rent for various purposes. Ask for an offer. 


Riding lessons in small groups (3-4) for different levels, also possibility of private and harness lessons. 

Riding camps; e.g. elementary camp days 1-3 days


NOTE! Riders and visitors to the stables go to different stables. Remember to clean/disinfect your equipment/clothes when visiting different stables. Especially the shoes!

Link to Greencard online purchase:


Note! When coming to the riding lesson, park the car in the yard of Wanha station. Also registration before going to the area at the Old Station.


Frost limit -16 C and heat limit 28 C

weight limit recommendations 85/90  kg

We are monitoring the corona situation. 

A mask is recommended in the stable. Please come healthy!

Cancellations by the evening of the previous day at the latest by 18:00 via text message or email, if the cancellation is made later, we charge the price of the riding lesson from the card or by invoicing.


We are aiming for the canceled class

to reserve an exchange time for the same

for the week.

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