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  • Come- and  afternoon coffees
  • Presentation and history of the house
  • Use of the meeting room between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m
  • Group workspaces
  • Meeting equipment; flipchart, data cannon, screen, wireless internet
  • Lunch from a standing table, e.g. Beef from Ilola's farm
In connection with the meeting and training day, it is possible to organize a side program upon request, some of which can be implemented under the guidance of the farm's staff, some through our subcontractor.
Ancillary and program service examples from the order:
  • Smoke sauna and regular sauna, hot tub and outdoor jacuzzi in connection with saunas
  • Various pampering treatments, bachelorette sauna
  • Horse riding, horseback riding, Ilola pony agility track
  • Forest trips, guided exercise sessions
  • Team task track, e.g. Konho triangle 
  • Ruljanssi's Nuotio masterchef at Ilola's Mökömaja, Ruljanssi's program services in Ilola
  • City Theater and Summer Theater performances Valkeakoskella or other theaters in the nearby Tampere/Hämeenlinna area
  • A theater moment or an improv show can also be organized in Ilola
  • A campfire trip to the cottage
  • Snowshoe trip
  • Geocaching, canoeing, kickbike
  • Gold panning
  • Cook war
  • Evening meals according to the festive occasion or theme, e.g. barbecue parties
  • Moments of wall plinth
  • You drive a go-kart


Meeting day

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