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Animals play an important role at Ilola's farm. Here you can get to know our sheep, goats, horses and ponies, Aberdeen Angus cattle, cats, rabbits, musk ducks and chickens. 


The farm animal yard is open by pre-reservation.

Visits to the farm during the summer with a voluntary fee. (Recommended price €5/person or €10/family.) In the winter season, animals will be indoors, family visits from 20e.

Guided tours and sheep/goat therapy moments with advance reservation. tel. 0405968027 

Sheep/goat therapy moments are now also available! Read more below!

Rules of the petting zoo

For our animals, Ilola is a home. So please walk calmly in the yard, and go to listen the area information at Wanhalla Asema, before entering the area.

Remember that you should never feed the animals without permission! You also shouldn't go into enclosures or indoor spaces without permission.

Also keep in mind that there is electricity in the fences, so it's best to keep some distance.


You can find the social Ilola sheep in several places on the farm. Some of the sheep are in the yard area of the zoo, some right after turning into Ilola's yard. 


Can you count them all?


The goats live in Ilola's upper courtyard enclosure. Babies born at the beginning of 2022 are energetic and jump on their playhouse from time to time!

Could you use some goat or sheep therapy?

Reserve your own moment and get to see the animals closer with the instructor! Remember to wear a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt, and avoid hanging strings on clothes or shoes. 

1-6 persons per group, price €10/person, minimum charge €20

The duration of the therapy session is 15 min.

Seat mattresses are used. You can also bring your own yoga mat. You can get more detailed instructions on site!

Reservations the day before, or tel. 0405968027.

Chickens, musk ducks and a rooster

You can find the birds in Ilola's upper yard area in their own enclosures. Be careful though, the ducks might show off your fingertip if you forget it in the enclosure.

Ilola's newest resident is the rooster Alexander the Great!

Horses and ponies

Horses and ponies graze during the day in Ilola's yard.


Come and get to know e.g. With Iines, Hansu and Hilperi!

The rabbits live in their common huts in the upper yard area of Ilola.

Young rabbits may hide if you approach them too sneakily, but when you are in peace, they might get encouraged enough to sniff you!

Angus cattle

Cows roam the fields grazing in the summer.


You will receive information from Wanhalta-Asema if they are too far to see right now. 


The cats roam the farm doing the mouse cat's work.


You might catch a glimpse of them if you keep your eyes open! 

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