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Equipment rental


From Ilola you're able to rent multiple different sport equipment's and other fun things to do!


Prices and other information about the rentable things you'll find from this page.

Reservation request for the bikes and kayaks, you can send us with the form on this page. We'll send you a confirmation once we've checked that the requested objects are available on the requested timeframe. 

For more information, you may call us. p. 0405968027 

Equipment rental


From Ilola you can rent ​3 different types of bicycles!

Reqular bicycle

Rent a normal bicycle from Ilola for a whole day, and visit a summer house or drive across the whole village of Metsäkansa!

25 € / day

Fat tire bike

With fat tire bikes, driving across the country goes easier than ever before! 

30 € / 3 hours, additional hours 10 €

60 € / day 

120 € / weekend

200 € / week

Electric mountainbike

With electric mountainbike riding a bike is blast even during the summer heat! When you start your journey, the bike battery will be fully charged. For day and week rentals you can also get the charger and closer guidance. 

30 € / 2 hours, additional hours 10 €

70 € / day

150 € / weekend

250 € / week

sähköavusteiset maastopyörät.jpg
Canoes and kayaks

Is the calm weather tempting you to the shore? Try canoeing or kayaking! Rent prices include life jackets.


You can find four 2 person canoes from Ilola. Canoes are rented one by one for the whole day or for a longer period of time. 

30 € / day

75 € / 6 days 


Lighter one person kayaks are also rented for one day or for a longer period of time. There are two kayaks available.

30 € / day

75 € / 6 days


For transportation you will need a trailer or a roof rack. If needed, you can ask for a additional service that includes transportation to the shore and away from there. 

20 € / one way, max 25 km

Winter time rentals

During the winter time you will find snowshoes and kick sleds! Go for a walk across the snowy fields or stop by the bbq hut with a sled!

Available as long as there's snow!

Snow shoes 25 € / day

Kick sleds 10 € / day 

Summer games and boardgames

Something to do for a summerday? From Ilola you can loan traditional summergames like mölkky and petanque! Ask for the games at Ilola Wanha Asema. 

For a rainy day you might want to hide indoors - From the old station you can find different board games and playing cards! Ask more from Ilola Wanha Asema. 

Country escape Ilola -escape room

Country escape room in real farm environment!

More information and direct reservations can be done at Naturescape website:

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